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Printed Marketing Materials

Business Cards
Full Colour Printing on Card Stock
500 - $60 4/0 or $90 4/4
1,000 - $75 4/0 or $110 4/4
2,000 - $105 4/0 or $165 4/4

Post Cards
Printing on Card Stock 4/4 - 4''x6''
500 - $150
1,000 - $190
2,000 - $300

Sell Sheets
Book Stock (no bleed) - 8.5''x11''
- $200 4/0 or $275 4/4
- $275 4/0 or $475 4/4
Premium 100lbs Stock - 8.5''x11''
- $225 4/0 or $325 4/4
- $325 4/0 or $525 4/4

Rack Cards
Printing on Card Stock 4/0 - 4"x8"
500 - $115
1,000 - $160

Book Marks
Printing on Card Stock 4/0 - 2''x8''
500 - $95
1,000 - $130
2,000 - $170

Printing on Card Stock 4/0 - 12''x18''
100 - $75
250 - $165
500 - $250

Large Format Materials

Printing Material
Photo Paper
Custom Wallpaper Printing
Vinyl Banner (indoor and outdoor)
Fabric Banner Material
Vinyl Adhesive
(indoor and outdoor)
Flatbed Printing Direct to:
Foamcore, Coroplast, Styrene, Sintra

Finishing Printing Options
Drymounting - Lamination
Tak Seaming - Grommets
Velcro - Coroplast

We can print on a variety of printing material - card stock, gloss and matte stock, label stock, banner, vinyl, digital wallpaper coverings.
Printing can be done on both sides or just single sided printing. We also offer complete finishing, folding, stitching, lamination.
Business cards are printed on 14 point gloss card stock, business cards can be printed on both sides.
We can print your business cards very quickly.

Providing fast turn-around printing services to anywhere in Canada.
Email us at if you have any printing questions or concerns.

Unsurpassed Customer Service and Support!

Please give us a call if you have any questions about your printing requirements...
Toll Free at 1-877-684-7567

Advance Displays Canada

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We Offer: Printing, Business Cards Printing, CD Printing and DVD Printing, Poster Printing, Label Printing, Book Marks Printing, Posters Printing,
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Flatbed Printing, Printing to Coroplast and Foamboard, Flatbed printing Niagara, Flatbed printing Ontario, Enviro Friendly Printing.
Eco Friendly Banner Printing,
Custom Wall Paper Printing, Bamboo Banner Stands.
We service all of Canada including: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I., New Foundland.
Labrador, Yukon, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Lethbridge, Regina, Winnipeg, Niagara, Printing St. Catharines, Thunderbay, London, Waterloo, Kitchener, Barrie, Montreal,
Fredericton, Halifax, St. Johns, Hamilton, Welland, Port Colborne, Niagara Falls, Orillia, Toronto.
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